5 Morning Habits That Can Ruin Your Day

1. Complaining

Your words & thoughts influence your state of mind & motivation. So instead of complaining about how early it is or how tired you are, practice gratitude for all the things you have. Starting your day with a positive will make you a happier and stronger person. You can either start your day with Exercise or books.

2. Snooze Button

Snoozing means losing: You’re not getting quality sleep after your alarm went off. You’re breaking your promise to yourself to get up on time. Hitting the snooze button is admitting defeat as your first action of the day. Get enough sleep but wake at a particular time every day, one day, you won’t even need an alarm.

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3. Apps

I know, it’s hard to do but you will have to do it for a better life. Giving in to the craving for novelty is ruining your focus. Do something productive, like reading, working out, or meditation first. Give up cheap dopamine in the morning to gain focus throughout the day. All in all, stay away from social media in the mornings.

4. Unhealthy Breakfast

Most people eat cereals coated in sugar for breakfast and then wonder why they feel like sh*t. What you put in is what comes out. A breakfast high in fats and proteins will give you energy & clarity to kick-start your day.

5. Cleaning Your Workspace

One of the worst things you can do is clean your room in the morning, this will take your all energy and after that, you will have to push yourself to do the next task. This might sound counterintuitive. But tidy up your workspace the night before. Cleaning in the morning breaks your momentum. You want to wake up and have one clear path without distractions. Flow.


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